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Draw Names superfast and easy.

Secret Santa Made Simple: Organize your Secret Santa online, draw names superfast and easily without any hassle. It's completely free!
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Drawing names for Secret Santa online has never been so much fun!
  • Secret Santa name draw without email is possible.
  • Send invitations via WhatsApp, email, or your favorite messaging app.
  • With or without pretty Wish List, you decide.
It's always a surprise who will draw your name :-)

Secret Santa in 2 steps


Start your Secret Santa

Who are participating? Can everyone draw each other, or do you want to exclude partners from each other, for example? Enter some more information about the event, such as date and budget and you're done.

Secret Santa, first step


Send drawn names

Decide for yourself how you want to send the drawn names. This can be done directly by e-mail. But also by WhatsApp or a link that you can share, with the advantage that you do not have to collect all e-mail addresses first.
Send drawn names

Secret Santa generator and Wish List

As a participant you can make your own pretty Wish List (optional).

You can also make a Wish List without drawing names: Create Wish List

Frequently Asked Questions

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